15 March 2009

T-Shirt Update

Just the other day we asked our friend and printer Scott Zabelski, of Blue Wave Printing if he could give us a rough estimate of the number of T-shirts he has printed for "T-Shirt for Troops" since the program started. We received the following email back.

Hey Kevin,

I have some big news....the total amount of shirts that we have printed for the T-shirts for Troops movement is......23,500 !!! That number includes shirts that went overseas and the shirts that were sold throughout NJ and PA.

I wasn't expecting it to be that many. It's a crazy number to see. But I'll let you know if any more are purchased in the next month so you can have the most accurate number.

Thanks again for everything. It's been a great thing to be apart of.


Thats translates to sending over 17,000 T-shirts to Troops! What great support from the New Jersey FBMA!